Work I've created for Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Internal and event-based software and events collateral designs.
HPE Drive Nimble
HPE Drive Nimble was a driving performance incentive ran in their UK Offices. I provided designs for the campaign. Including the logo, through to the event collateral.
HPE Mission Intelligent
HPE Mission Intelligent was an incentive rewards program, created through CR Worldwide. I was briefed on the program via the sales team and created designs based off vague direction.
Pitch stage collateral 
Approved event collateral (mock up has excessive cropping)
HPE Beat the Peak
HPE Beat the Peak was a short incentive day ran in the HPE UK offices. I created the Logo for the campaign as well the event collateral. This is an A2
 window peel rejected design.
HPE Power Up South Africa Trip Pack
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